It was the end of a long week at the beginning of the October fall season change. I received a call from one of the employees that I serve. He was nervous and concerned that his grandfather was having a heart catheterization so I headed over to the hospital toContinue Reading

Tracy and I met a few years back while I was on Chincoteague Island. There was an immediate friendship made. I won’t go into it all but he has had a very hard life, full of ups and downs. However, his testimony will witness to the glory of God’s grace andContinue Reading


“ I OnceWas Lost” by: William A. Whitcraft 09/06/2017 I know, I know, but it is not what you’re thinking! But, I was actually lost. For real! My Thursdays were quite long in my mission field. August 17th, I left the house at 4:15 am and drove the half mile toContinue Reading