Assisting the Abused, Afflicted, and Addicted. We have heard God’s Call and are following it. We offer Hope, Help & spiritual-Healing to a world that needs it

The Mission of Middletown Ministries is to come alongside the abused, afflicted, and addicted. We are a faith-based multifunctional, multifaceted, 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Reaching into the lives of the Abused, Afflicted and the Addicted in search of hope and a second chance. We walk alongside them in the day-to-day struggles to offer them Hope, Help, and Spiritual Healing. Working not only with the individual but with the family and friends as well.  To help reunite and bring a strong sense of family fellowship and community. Along with working to grow their self-esteem, independence, self-reliance, and dependability. Our mission is deemed a success when they realize the equity within them.