Our Statement of Faith There is one God,(1) who is infinitely perfect,(2) existing eternally in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.(3) Jesus Christ is the true God and the true man.(4) He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary.(5) He died upon the cross, the Just for theContinue Reading

FOURFOLD GOSPEL Alliance founder Dr. A. B. Simpson defined the C&MA’s spiritual DNA more than 100 years ago, referring to it as the Fourfold Gospel; it’s the heart of what Alliance people believe about Jesus and forms the foundation of all that defines The Alliance movement. Savior Acts 4:12 Sanctifier 1 CorinthiansContinue Reading

Watch this Video about our DNA CORE VALUES What we believe determines what we value, and what we value defines how we live. Scripture-based core values are the key to successful Kingdom living. Alliance people share seven core values that flow from the Fourfold Gospel—the driving force behind our desire toContinue Reading

I follow and believe in the doctrine that is presented and adhered to by the (C&MA) Christian and Missionary Alliance What The Alliance believes about God, how He relates to us, and how we relate to Him is foundational in its teachings. The Alliance wholeheartedly serves God and the peopleContinue Reading

Mae is a 90-year-old female who resides with her daughter and son-in-law in Sewell, New Jersey. Mae recently lost her husband of 70 years and keeps his ashes close by to talk to when she feels the need. I love to hear stories from people that are older than me,Continue Reading

I recently had the opportunity to attend an eight-hour-long apologetic communication class while t my church. The speaker key speaker was extremely well educated on the subject and a natural conversationalist speaker. I was reminded of one of the only times that I actually engaged in a conversation with a self-professed atheist. His name wasContinue Reading

  An Essay Summary and Evaluation of “The Five Smooth Stones” an Essay William A. Whitcraft The following essay was done while I was at Crown College for the class Biblical Studies. Abstract This essay will attempt to summarize and evaluate the philosophy and theology of ministry presented by Robertson McQuilkinContinue Reading

  Cognitive Behavior Therapy Theories Counsel & Psychotherapy William A. Whitcraft   Part 1 Developed by Aaron Temkin Beck (born July 18, 1921) (wikipedia.cm, 2014), Cognitive Therapy (CT), or Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), is a form of psychotherapy in which the therapist and the client work together as a teamContinue Reading

Sorry, Cloud! I missed getting my pic with you, Henry. Maybe next time. 🙂 The world that my children and grandchildren are growing up in must be mind-blowing. Things that as a child had never been exposed to, are taken for granted, today. One look at the Super Bowl commercials saysContinue Reading