A 90 year old’s view of life

Mae is a 90-year-old female who resides with her daughter and son-in-law in Sewell, New Jersey. Mae recently lost her husband of 70 years and keeps his ashes close by to talk to when she feels the need.

I love to hear stories from people that are older than me, especially when it is their wisdom that I carry with me always. I asked Mae what her joys and concerns were. It took all of a millisecond for her to state that she finds the most joy in her four children and their spouses, seven grandchildren and their spouses and her fourteen great-grandchildren.

As far as concerns go, she trusts the Lord that he will be done. She said, of course, I worry when they come over then have to drive home. I like to get a phone call when they get there so I know that they are safe. She also is concerned about finances now that her husband Jack has passed on. Other than that she views life one day at a time looking forward, thankful for each additional day the Lord has given her. She loves to reminisce about her life with her children and Jack.

When I asked what life was like at 90, she said that it’s awesome! She loves seeing the advances that have been going on with technology and is a frequent observer of Facebook under her daughters’ profile. She looks forward to seeing her great grandkids when they come to visit and has a special relationship with each of them. She loves to interact with each child to hopefully leave a legacy memory for them when she is at rest on the mantle with Jack.

For me, the interview was a bit awkward since Mae is my mother. I knew beforehand each of her answers except the one about how does it feel to be 90? Which her reply was “it’s rosy”, laughing the answer out. She continued to say, I love it. I have outlived all of my family except you kids.”

I did not dig to find out if she fears death or illness that will rob her of her memories. I am sure she thinks of that. Besides, why bring her down when she is so up? We simply smiled a lot. Not to mention, I know she is looking forward to seeing her loved ones that have gone before her in heaven. Just not till the Lord says so.

There is much more to her story and I will update it soon.

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