The Art of Prayer

Ephesians 3:16 May You grant me, out of the rich treasury of Your glory to be strengthened and reinforced with mighty power in my inner man by the Holy Spirit Himself indwelling my innermost being and personality. May Christ through my faith actually dwell, settle down, abide, and make His permanent home in my heart!

This I ask Lord as I go forth in an effort to bring new life into the prayers of us sinners I pray bring forth a revival in me and through me  In the name of Jesus my redeemer 

I pray to you God of my Lord Jesus Christ, Father of glory, that You would grant me a spirit of wisdom and revelation of insight into the mysteries and secrets and deep and intimate knowledge of You.

I invite you to join me on this journey into The art and meaning of Prayer

Prayer is a communication to God. Many believe their prayers are answered and evidence of it is primarily reported in the Old and New Testament. Later miracles and graces have been reported by the Church and by common people. Prayer is done by those who trust the power of the word and thought. Jesus taught people to say the Lord’s Prayer.

Prayer can be spoken, silent (no talking), or in a song. It can be used to praise God or to ask for something including help and forgiveness. Prayers can be said over and over again as in a Rosary or just once. 

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