I recently spent a few days in Nashville, Tennessee while attending a training conference for my job as a chaplain. The minute we arrived or should I say the minute we reached the boundary of the airport, we knew something amazing was about to happen. As we passed the Opryland Mall and the Grand Ol’ Opry, our eyes set sight on the magnificent Gaylord Opryland Hotel.


Sure we listened to our new CEO and our Former Chairman of the Board, amongst a plethora of speakers and workshops (all very relevant, I might add.) But the surroundings made me feel like I was in the Garden of Eden. It was breathtaking, spectacular, and overwhelming. However, through all of the distrctions, I was still able to focus on God.

The one area that I enjoyed was learning about Millenials and gaining some insight into the troubling communication problem the older generation has. Notice, I said the older generation! By that I mean we need to understand how to communicate better. It is like this older mind trying to figure out the map of the hotel I was in Delta section but the conference was in Magnolia.








These young millennial adults have their own minds. They have their own way of doing things and feel that they have all the answers necessary to survive while being entitled to whatever floats their boat. All they really only want is to be heard and have a say. 

They still need to learn that hard work pays off and that nobody is entitled to anything with exception to life-sustaining things like food and water from a humane point of view. Having said that I hope to better study their generation in the hopes of learning better ways of communicating with them, in order to develop caring relationships in the hope of sharing the life-changing good news of Jesus Christ in a non-threatening manner.

In the meantime, until then, please enjoy this tickling parody video about millennials.

You’ve Gotta Love Millennials – Micah Tyler

 Watermark Church Published on Apr 30, 2016

This video was a parody that opened a talk at the Church Leaders Conference encouraging people to see past the stereotypes and recognizing the unique potential that millennials have!


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